We opened our doors October 17, 1985

This location is the original American Dream Pizza. From being one of the first locations to serve Widmer beer to having hand-rolled crust, we have been setting precedents for the pizza industry for 25 years. We had been open for a few weeks when we got a break – we received some free advertising on the radio when one of the morning radio personalities said we were by far the best pizza in Portland. The next day we had a line out the door. We never looked back and have been rockin’ and rollin’ ever since. To entertain families waiting in line for pizzas, we started having kids draw on our boxes, and parents wanted in on the action – so the Box Contest started in the early years. Since then we have had incredible artwork provided by our customers. Also, local artist Wendy Wallin Malinow has had a guiding hand in making the visuals all come together.

We battle hard every day to put out a great product in a fun atmosphere where all are welcomed, feed comfortable and satisfied. First-time customers often take photos and share experiences online. Long-time customers feel proud that they are a part of the Dream community.

We are proud to be a part of the Laurelhurst neighborhood and help Providence Hospital and local schools with many of its fundraising events. We also provide lunch through PEAR to many homeless youth every month.